We can take on everything so you don’t need to worry

From conception to delivery, our attention to detail and project management is immaculate. You don’t need to worry about deadlines because our tried and tested process is so streamlined, even on an international scale.

We have a big global team with a reputation for being responsive and reacting quickly. We also manage to provide the personal touch and have all-important expertise in regulations worldwide. You can rely on us to provide the entire process, from creating and improving ideas, to making sure they are well made using the best materials.

TV Direct is your 1-stop shop for all things OEM!



With our vast knowledge of the market, what’s out there and the pitfalls, we provide advice on how to make your product even more attractive to people.

We offer consultation on how to make your product even more appealing to consumers, from your options & what’s available to potential risks, based on our immense knowledge of the market.

Creative services

We assist in the development and distribution of creative assets of each product including infomercials/commercials, product shots, packaging and color box artwork.

Let our experienced creative team take the lead on your marketing and graphic design for your website and ads. Not only does our team have 20+ years of experience in web, but we're fast and efficient. 

We use the very latest technology to get the tooling done as per the production capacity required.


We use one of our ISO accredited factories to manufacture your product under close supervision. Our factory managers are always at the production line, monitoring and ensuring products are manufactured within the right quality specifications and requirements.


We develop drawings of your proposed product and offer suggestions on any changes that could be made to enhance the product's appearance and functionality. 


We turn sketches into functional prototypes so you can observe how your idea appears in real life. 


We create the tooling in accordance with the required production capacity using the latest technology.


We obtain high quality materials from source, to maximize quality while keeping in mind to minimize the cost of production.

We work with major retailers & clients in the digital and DRTV spaces to ensure your product has the highest visibility possible. 

A smooth process is key and our involvement can extend to creative assets and distribution. Our long established reputation has been earned because we’ve been reliably delivering the goods to our retail clients for over a decade.