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About Us

Founded in 2013, TV Direct has expertise in manufacturing, product development, research, and more. 

We source the highest quality raw materials and combine them with seamless manufacturing, creative insight, and expertise in sales and distribution. 

Our team has 25+ combined years of experience making innovative, quality, cost-effective products for leading companies in the direct response, retail, and live shopping space. 

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Ensuring Your Business Succeeds

From concept to delivery, we handle the back-end work crucial to your success. 


We'll help you explore how to make your products more appealing to customers, your options, potential risks, and more. 

Creative Services

We'll help you develop and distribute infomercials, commercials, product shots, packaging, artwork, and other creative materials. 


We can help you in three key areas: 

Drawing. We'll help you develop product drawings, offering suggestions on appearance and functionality enhancements.

Prototyping. We'll help you turn your idea into a real, tangible product - something you can feel and hold! 

Tooling. We create the tooling  necessary to meet your required production capacity. 


We'll ensure your product gets the visibility it deserves and help you sell across 45 countries globally.

Delivering Great Products to Great Businesses 
Leave the manufacturing, development, research, creative, and distribution to us! 

Retail Partners

We work with some of the world's largest retail partners, including: 

Brand Portfolio


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